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Body Armour


GENRE: Action, Thriller

RUN TIME: 90 min

CAST: Til Schweiger, Chazz Palminteri, Lluís Homar

DIRECTED BY: Gerry Lively

SCRIPT: Ken Lamplugh, John Weidner

PRODUCER: Steve Clark-Hall, Miriam Porté, Steve Richards




Ace Bodyguard JOHN RIDLEY and his team are protecting Presidential candidate GOVERNOR LONSDALE at a rally in California when a SNIPER opens fire. Ridley takes out the sniper but when he reaches his downed man, he turns to see an ASSASSIN pointing a gun at Lonsdale’s head. The assassin taunts Ridley and shoots him. With Ridley down, the assassin turns and kills Lonsdale with one shot. The assassin lets Ridley live.

Four years later. Ridley is a shell of his former self and has given up being a bodyguard. MARK GRAVER, Ridley’s old boss, pays him a visit at the community center where Ridley now works. Graver offers Ridley a job protecting a big government witness that specifically asked for Ridley’s protection. The witness, LEE MAXWELL, is in Barcelona awaiting extradition. When Ridley arrives at the hotel to meet him, he is shocked and enraged to find that Maxwell is the assassin who killed Lonsdale 4 years ago. Graver gives Ridley his objective. He must keep Maxwell alive for 3 days until he testifies.

The criminal organization that Maxwell will soon expose gathers for a secret meeting. Maxwell knows their names and faces, so he must be killed before he testifies. Graver actually works for Maxwell’s old organization and are being paid a large sum of money to have Maxwell killed. Maxwell confides in Ridley that he is ill and wants to right his wrongs before he dies. Graver, and Graver’s men attack the castle. Ridley and Maxwell work together to fend them off. Graver traps Maxwell but Ridley appears just in time and kills Graver. Ridley escorts Catherine and Maxwell to the U.S. where Maxwell testifies against his former employers. After the trial Ridley is attacked and Maxwell takes the bullet to protect him. Before Maxwell dies, Maxwell tells Ridley they’re now “even” which Ridley acknowledges.

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