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Wet Dog


ORIGINAL TITLE: Ein nasser Hund

GENRE: Drama

RUN TIME: 103 min

CAST: Doguhan Kabadayi, Mohammad “Momo” Eliraqui,  Derya Dilber, Omar Antabli, Samy Abdel Fattah, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Dorka Gryllus

DIRECTED BY: Damir Lukačević

SCRIPT: Damir Lukačević

PRODUCERS: Alexander van Dülmen, Stephan Wagner


GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 

RIGHTS: Worldwide

SALES: Radiant Films International

Wet Dog tells the story of Soheil, a young German-Iranian who discovers his Jewish roots. At the age of 15, Soheil, together with his parents, moves from Göttingen to Berlin-Wedding. At first, Soheil feels at ease because he has the same black hair and dark skin as everyone else in this multicultural district. In order to blend in Soheil wears his grandmother’s gold necklace. But when a young Arab spots the Star of David dangling from his chain, Soheil quickly becomes a target of hatred. From that moment on Soheil hides his identity. At night he wanders the streets, painting graffiti and ends up joining an Arabic gang. But the feeling of alienation grows and finally Soheil musters up the courage to face his true identity.

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