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The Salvation of the World As We Know It


ORIGINAL TITLE: Die Rettung der uns bekannten Welt

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

RUN TIME: 136 min

CAST: Emilio Sakraya, Til Schweiger, Tijan Marei, Emma Schweiger, Emily Cox, Bettina Lamprecht, Maya Lauterbach, Sebastian Schneider, Charlotte Krause, Anselm Bresgott

DIRECTED BY: Til Schweiger

SCRIPT: Til Schweiger, Lo Malinke

PRODUCER: Christian Specht


GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH

RIGHTS: Worldwide

SALES: Storyboard Media

After an attempted suicide 17-year-old Paul is admitted to a therapy centre by his father, where he is diagnosed as bipolar.
During his stay there, he meets other young people with psychological problems, including Toni and spends the happiest day of his life with her. But the next morning shows that a mental illness has no regard for happiness and yet he can’t keep running away from reality. Paul finally decides to trust the people who love him the most and accepts their support.
The tragicomedy displays great sensitivity and humour in its portrayal of hope and setbacks, pain and fear and what it means to enjoy life with bipolar disorder.

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