A COMPANY FILMPRODUKTIONSGESELLSCHAFT was founded in June 2009 by Alexander van Dülmen. It's 100% subsidy of A COMPANY FILMED ENTERTAINMENT AG and participates as co-producer in German and International productions. There is no limitation towards genre and content, though all projects are being selected with regard to distribution in Central and Eastern Europe and CIS.


As a licensor and distributor across Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and Vietnam A COMPANY has first-hand, in-depth knowledge of consumer demands in these local markets. Our network of local distributors ensures A COMPANY productions the best possible commercial exploitation along the exploitation chain.




Producing our own films, in addition to acquiring third-party product, gives us several advantages:

  • A steady supply of content. As a producer, we can supplement our third-party licenses with our own films, tailor made to suit the markets in our core territories or targeted at the international marketplace.
  • Long-tail exploitation. As a producer A COMPANY participates in every stage of a film's exploitation and holds the rights to our own film in perpetuity, greatly adding to the value of our library.
  • Thinking local. Local-language films are in high demand, both in theaters and on TV, across Europe. As an individual market develops, the demand for local product grows. As a local producer in our core territories, we can meet that demand and, as a production insider, we have access to the best local-language features from third parties.






Kai Künnemann


phone: + 49 30 257 623-588