Who we are: A COMPANY FILM LICENSING INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2002. It started off as EEAP - Easter European Acquisition Pool GmbH, but was renamed in 2012 in light of changes in the company structure. The Berlin based company, together with its affiliates, is one of the leading independent content providers for Central and Eastern Europe, CIS and Vietnam.


What we do: A COMPANY acquires, mostly in the USA and Western Europe, film rights for all countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS and since 2012 also for Vietnam, and markets them through an exclusive distribution network of partners throughout all territories of the region. A COMPANY handles all rights along the distribution chain, from Theatrical, Home Entertainment, to TV and VOD.


 A COMPANY's distribution area





 In detail:


* The acquisition of film licenses for all territories of Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS territories is less expensive in comparison to the acquisition of licenses for the sum of individual markets.


 * Many producers and worldwide distribution companies prefer to sell licenses to a single customer for all of Eastern Europe. A COMPANY has established itself as a reliable partner for these multiple territories.

   * The group offers synergies in the exploitation of film licenses. Standardized marketing and advertising measures can be arranged for all countries at once. This generally leads to significant savings and positive dynamics.


* Participation in the disproportionately high growth of the film and media industry in the thriving markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS and Vietnam.